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I have had the privilege of helping people around the globe turn their ideas into books and screenplays. It is an honor when someone considers hiring me. It is satisfying to see work I helped create be published, but the biggest rewards for me are the bonds I forge with my clients. I am grateful that they were willing to share the following thoughts.

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references for my professional writing and ghostwriting services

"Walter took the time to understand what I wanted. He offered suggestions, but understood the book needed to reflect my vision. His talent and skill were apparent the first time I saw his work. The final version of Mentor: The Kid & the CEO was just like I wanted it. Walter was interested in results and the time he spent on the project was obvious. Walter was the right person for the project."

Tom Pace,CEO, PaceButler Corporation

Patrick Mackeown of had these nice things to say about Mentor: The Kid & the CEO: "Walter Jenkins does a very good job of setting these things out in a pleasant and entertaining manner. I would heartily recommend that this book be given to young people to read. It's an inspirational tale about growing up. I would also recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading motivational, character-building, self-help books, such as Dale Carnegie's book How To Win Friends And Influence People."

To view my project with Mr. Pace, please visit the Mentor: The Kid & the CEO website.

Mentor: The Kid & the CEO was awarded a gold medal in the 2008 Axiom Business Book Awards. It also won a 2008 Benjamin Franklin Award.

"(Walter Jenkins has) the rare gift of writing exciting and vibrant prose."

Robin Khoury, Author, Publisher, Speaker

"When I offered Walter the unfinished manuscript, he was enthusiastic from the beginning. He understood what was needed and took a story and turned it into a novel. I offered the novel Soldier, Sailor, Scribe to two publishers and it was accepted by both and I can only thank Walter for the dedication and work he put into it."

Steven Beck

I had the privilege of completing Why Me? Love or Money for Kristina Jackson. Here are some kind things she had to say about working with me:

"Walter Jenkins is a magnificent writer and is very professional. I thank him for his creativity, dedication and hard work. I look forward to working with him again in the near future."

I was blessed to work with Tom Hill of Kimray Inc. and Character First. I helped him create Making Character First. Learn more about Mr. Hill's book by visiting the Making Character First website.

I was honored to help Gayle Dyer of An Affair of the Heart tell her story. She and I worked together and wrote Dancing In The Birdbath. Gayle offered these gracious comments after we finished her manuscript:

"I would highly recommend Walter Jenkins to any individual aspiring to tell their story. Walter is a very talented and gifted professional writer. He has the warmth and ability to help you feel as though you are sharing your story with a trusted friend. I look forward to working with Walter on future projects. He has taken my thoughts and words and turned my first book, Dancing In The Birdbath, into a 'miracle' publication for me!"

I was happy to help Michael Brakefield turn his idea into a screenplay titled The Brave and the Buffalo. Here is what he said when the project was complete: "Walter provided invaluable insight, guidance, direction, and contributions to take my project from the "back of a napkin" to a professionally written and formatted screenplay, which is currently in front of producers and publishers. I would strongly recommend using Walter as a resource on any work of this nature.

My endgame on this project was to create a blueprint on how we all can work together to balance and respect the environment, its resources, and each others' differences, while advancing humanity in a civilized and productive manner. Walter's contributions and thoughts on how to tailor this work to this end were incredible. Well done, Walter! Thank you!"

Mary Grotelueschen has a passion for helping families be good stewards with their money. She and her husband, Jason, hired me to polish their manuscript and turn it into a world-class book. Mary had these kind words to share about working with me:

"The reason working with Walter has been a truly beneficial experience is that he understands how to reflect my passion for helping struggling families. He has helped create a valuable tool which will be used as a practical guide to alleviate financial stress and worry for countless families. Throughout the process Walter has been focused and intent on completing the work as promised which included understanding me, my family, and my story. Walter's insight and character are unmatched and I am fortunate enough to have had the experience of working with Walter."

Steven VanCauwenbergh is a successful, savvy real estate investor who hired me to help create his legacy. He shared these thoughts about working with me: "It has always been a dream of mine to write a book and to leave something behind that helps others improve their lives. Walter helped me accomplish this lifelong goal. It was a pleasure every moment we got together to work on this project. His wisdom and servant's attitude motivated me to finish and finish strong. I can't speak highly enough of Walter B. Jenkins. If you are considering giving birth to a book, let Walter be the doctor who delivers it." Learn more about The Savvy Landlord's book here.

Don Freymiller and his family own a nationally respected trucking company. Don wanted to write a book to thank all the people who helped him along the way and to tell the story of how and his family and friends built the business. He offered the folowing words after working with me: "I have had many people for years say to me, 'Don, you need to write a book!' I would laugh at the thought, and time moved on. One day, I received a call from an acquaintance who said she wanted me to meet with someone she knows. This man’s name was Walter Jenkins.

"I met with Walter, and he put no pressure on me to move forward with my book. Once I got my mind right, I called him. Walter is incredibly professional and talented. He was so helpful to me in putting my life’s story in words when I had no idea where to even start. There would be no written story of my business and life’s adventures without him. Thank you, Walter!" Don Freymiller, Chairman of the Board, Freymiller Trucking. You can learn more about Mr. Freymiller's book, Freymiller: Building the Trucker's Trucking Company, and the great company his family and employees have built by visiting the Freymiller Trucking website.

I was fortunate to help Tweet Coleman complete her book, Take Your Life Off Autopilot: How to Live Your Life With Purpose, Passion, and Power. She offered the following words about my services:

"Walter took a great deal of time to make sure the book reflected my vision and goals. He was very conscientious and wanted the final product to be professional and world-class. Walter counseled me with my book and assisted me to envision the project being an integral part of the next chapter in my life's journey. My book will make this transition go more smoothly and will eliminate much turbulence. The book symbolizes a radar scope for my life. It will help guide me to where I want to go and keep me from going to someplace I don't want to go. Without Walter's assistance, this project would not have been completed."

Jan and Mike Bradstreet wanted to record the legacy of Mike's father, Roy. Roy and his twin brother were both highly decorated World War II veterans, and the Bradstreets wanted a written record of Roy's history. I worked with them and helped create Cotton Pickin' Soldier, a book detailing Roy's life and the amazing sacrifices he made for his country. Here a few of the kind things the Bradstreets said about working with me:

"We are so very pleased with Roy's book. You capture his voice and detailed events of his life and war experiences, many none of the family knew of before you. Thank you for your kindness and graciousness during the writing of this book. Because of your words, Roy's legacy and the story of the greatest generation will be appreciated by generations of Bradstreets. Thanks again for sharing your talent with us!"

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